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Three Proven Ways to Remove Pet Stains and Odor from Carpets

Pets are adorable, but they are also a source of the nasty odor and stubborn stains that they leave behind on carpets and upholstery. If you have a pet at home, you can very well understand how difficult it is to remove those pesky stains and smell from your carpet. However, getting rid of them doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here are the proven ways to help you do just that:

Try a homemade solution

Homemade cleaning solutions can save you money and trips to a professional carpet cleaner in Conroe. Plus, they are effective when it comes to removing stains and pet odor. However, before you go about cleaning your carpet with these solutions, be sure to test a small patch first and see if they cause any discoloration. Three DIY carpet cleaning solutions are as follows:

Baking soda and vinegar

First, cover the stained area with vinegar and then sprinkle baking soda on it. Then cover the stain with a piece of cloth or towel and leave it for 1-2 days. Remove the dried soda, rinse the stained area with water, and then blot dry it with a towel.

Dishwashing detergent

Mix a quarter teaspoon of dishwashing detergent (not laundry detergent or dish soap) with a cup of warm water, spray it on the stain, and gently rub the area. Repeat as necessary.

Hydrogen peroxide

Add four tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and a couple of drops of dish soap to two tablespoons of warm water and mix it thoroughly. Apply the solution to the carpet stain and let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse it. Towel dry it to see if the stains have gone. Repeat if necessary.

Call a professional carpet cleaner in Conroe

While homemade solutions work effectively in removing new pet stains from the carpet, they don’t necessarily remove old, stubborn stains and odor. This is where a premier carpet cleaner in Conroe can be of help, removing even the most stubborn stains within a matter of seconds by utilizing the latest technology and cleaning solutions.

Try a pet stain remover

Last but not least, you can buy a quality pet stain remover and apply it to your carpet following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Although they work perfectly in eliminating stains from the carpet, they may not get rid of the nasty smell from the carpet. For that, you will not likely need professional help from a carpet cleaner in Conroe.

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4 Things That Tell You Your Carpet Needs Stretching

A lovely carpet floor is not only pleasing to look at but also allows you to walk comfortably inside your home, bare feet. If properly taken care of, carpeting lasts for years to come. While all of us get our carpets cleaned on a regular basis, the thought of getting it stretched may not cross our minds. Nonetheless, that is equally important. Started looking for local carpet stretchers already? But first you need to know how to determine if your carpet needs stretching! All you need is good observational skills and some testing along the carpet area that looks questionable. Here are some tips:

    1. Wrinkles and lumps– Even if your carpet has no visible cut or damage, it may still need stretching. Look closely and you may find visible wrinkles and lumps that occur after years of use. Move a long-standing heavy furniture piece to another section of the room, your carpet may wrap in the original area. You will be able to see wrinkles and lumps throughout the carpet body. Foot traffic also is a major reason for that. Observe the top of the carpet closely, if the surface appears bumpy, it requires stretching.
    2. Cuts and damage– Your carpet’s depth determines the damage to its base structure. If the damaged area of your carpet’s base is large, the surrounding area becomes loose. You need to look closely at the carpet fibers for signs of cuts to the carpet base. You may want to use a flashlight and take a closer look at the carpet pile. If you discover a large cut, don’t wait, call your local carpet stretchers at once.
    3. Edge inspection– Another way to determine whether the carpet needs stretching is inspecting its edges. Your carpet must be affixed to the edges of the room, with tack strips. These strips are responsible for holding the carpet in place. Walk around the entire room and carefully observe carpet edges. If the edges seem to be uplifted, the area needs stretching.
    4. Awl testing– Sometimes your carpet may seem to be perfectly alright but in reality, needs immediate stretching. To check if that is the case, insert an awl tool at the carpet’s center. Thereafter, pull the carpet upward by 1 inch, approximately. Remove the tool and observe how carpet’s returns to the subfloor. If it takes too long, it requires stretching. Try the awl testing only if you have a deep pile carpet. The hole resulting from the tool’s insertion will be hidden by the fibers.

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5 Carpet Care Tips That Professional Cleaners Want You To Know

carpet cleaning

There is a wide variety of flooring materials available today, but despite that, carpeting remains one of the most popular flooring choices among homeowners, accounting for more than half of the total market. Why do we love carpets so much? Apart from the fact that they are incredibly warm and soft, they are also quite easy to maintain. According to carpet cleaning professionals, regular upkeep of your carpets can help you prolong their lifespan considerably. Here are a few tips to do that:

  • Adopt a no-shoe-on-carpet rule

Shoes drag in dirt, dust, bacteria and a range of other pollutants, which can easily get trapped in the fibers of your carpet. Not only is that hygienic but it also causes the carpet to wear out prematurely. To avoid that, you must remove your shoes (and politely ask your guests to do the same) before you step on to it.

  • Vacuum regularly

If you want to keep your carpet looking clean and fresh, vacuum it at least once a week. And if you have got pets, increase the frequency to two or three times a week. Vacuuming helps get rid of the everyday dust and debris that may settle on the carpet and weaken its fibers over time.

  • Treat stains immediately

If there is a stain on your carpet, immediate care can help you get rid of it. The longer it remains untreated, the more stubborn it becomes. A majority of carpet stains can be removed using water. All you need to do is add a few drops of water to the stain and blot using a piece of dry cloth. Repeat the process until the stain disappears.

  • DIY the right way

There are a multitude of DIY carpet cleaning techniques. While it may be tempting to try them out in a bid to save a few bucks on professional cleaning or even replacing your carpet, you must be careful enough to know which techniques are right and which are not. It is always best to seek professional help in situations that feel out of hand.

  • Bring in the pros once in a while

Nothing beats the expertise of professional carpet cleaning companies when it comes to giving your carpets the cleaning treatment they deserve. Get them professionally cleaned once a year to not just restore their appearance but also make them last longer.

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Learn How Dirty Carpets May Affect Your Health

texas professional carpet cleaning

Homeowners know that carpets are effective thermal insulators and offer a comfortable, cozy place to sit, relax, or maybe have a chit chat with friends and family. However, what they don’t know is that carpets can also be home to harmful microbes, such as viruses, bacteria, allergens, fungi, and many others, all of which can pose serious health risks. This is why professional carpet cleaners in Texas recommend having your carpets cleaned now and again.

Cleaning carpets does two main things. First, it removes all the harmful microbes from the carpet, making it safe and cozy to have in the home. Secondly, it keeps the carpet in tip-top condition, maintaining its appearance and extending its lifespan. But if these two things aren’t enough to have your carpets cleaned, here are a few more:

Dirty carpets may cause respiratory issues

Carpets catch a range of particles: dirt, dust, dust mites, pet hair, dead skin, bacteria, viruses, and whatnot. Daily activities such as vacuuming, dusting, or walking, can loosen these particles from the carpet and release them into the air. And the next thing is that you are most likely to inhale them, which can gradually lead to respiratory issues, such as coughing, difficulty breathing, asthma, and many others. And should anyone infected with COVID-19 come in contact with the carpet in your house, you may run the risk of contracting the virus — a solid reason to call professional carpet cleaners in Texas.

They may lead to skin irritation

Itchy skin, athlete’s foot, rashes, fungal infection are some of the dangers of dirty carpets. Dust mites present in dirty carpets can trigger skin irritation, which may snowball into serious skin problems that require medical attention. Even if you clean your carpets at home, the chances are it may not eliminate the dust mites, as they are minute and cannot be easily removed. Experts recommend running a humidifier or call carpet cleaning services.

They may induce allergies

The same mold and dust mites renting your carpet can inflame your lungs, irritate your eyes, and cause a runny nose should you come in contact with them. Besides, if you are allergic to them, they can induce an allergic reaction, which may make your daily life a little unpleasant.

While the health risks from dirty carpets are many, respiratory issues, allergies, and skin irritation are the most common ones, requiring some level of medical attention. The best course of action to protect your family from these health hazards is to call professional carpet cleaners in Texas and have them cleaned regularly.

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Five Spooky Hidden Things In Your Carpet

Do you believe dirt is the only thing that makes your beautiful carpet home? If you’re nodding, it’s high time to pay more attention to your valuable investment. Carpets are probably the most neglected surfaces that take every day’s stomping and stains. When left unattended for a long time, they become a home of several minute things that are potentially harmful to you and your family, including pets.

While most homeowners periodically vacuum their carpets to keep dust away, these traditional cleaning methods often fail to eliminate many hidden things that we have mentioned below. 



Do you know one out of every five Americans suffers from allergies? And, air pollution isn’t the only culprit to be blamed. Lots of people don’t know that un-cleaned carpets make ideal allergen storage units. These allergens not only trigger headaches and allergic reactions but also contribute to health conditions like breathing difficulties and asthma. 



People who steam clean their carpets believe they don’t have to worry about mold. If you, too, follow the same path, you must change your route now. Conventional steam cleaners, though do wonders when it comes to cleaning, they don’t eliminate mold. As a matter of fact, they promote mold growth by providing them enough moisture and humidity to flourish. 



Remember the smell of the new carpet? It’s from the chemical known as 4-PC, which is known to cause eye irritation and breathing difficulties. Carpet fibers hide plenty of harmful substances, including chemicals. Without your knowledge, they built up over time, ultimately making it difficult for you to remove them. The most common chemicals include toluene, formaldehyde, acetone, benzene, and styrene. 



Do you know your carpet could be as dirty as a toilet seat or even worse? The bottom of our shoes carries plenty of germs and bacteria. When you wear them in your house, you take them everywhere. Since carpet has microfiber, these bacteria attach themselves to it and flourish. Can you imagine how many harmful bacteria must be living and thriving on your un-cleaned carpets?


Dust mites

If you believe spiders are creepy, wait for dust mites to start crawling all over your living space. Probably one of the worst hidden enemies in your carpets is dust mites, which are known as pyroglyphidae. While some mites are not visible to naked eyes, others are easy to spot without special equipment. Besides being creepy, these mites promote allergic reactions and cause breathing problems like asthma. 


To keep your family and yourself safe from these enemies, wait no more to hire carpet cleaning professionals for deep cleaning. 

Which Carpet Cleaning Method Is Best for You?

All carpets, whether at home or in a commercial facility office, are made from different fabrics and materials.

Understanding this is important as the cleaning method you use will differ depending on the carpet’s fabric. Using the wrong way to wash/clean could cause some severe damage to your expensive rug.

Carpet cleaning may appear to imply a straightforward process, but there are so many things that you must do first before you can even think about scrubbing.

The first and foremost step is to check the type of fabric; then, you need to examine if the color of the carpet bleeds. Finally, give it a thorough check to see if any stains need to be removed.

Every one of these steps will affect the way that you clean your carpet.

For example, if your carpet has been stained by pet urine, you will need to get it thoroughly cleaned before the professionals can take it to their service station.

Types of Cleaning

There are primarily three levels when it comes to cleaning a rug or a carpet:

#1. Routine Cleaning

As the name suggests, this type of cleaning must be done regularly. It can include giving your carpet a daily, or weekly, vacuum. You’ll also need to provide it with a spot cleaning, once a month.

The benefit of giving it a regular cleaning is that it helps to prevent dirt and grime from gathering in the fibers of the carpet, and this will, in turn, increase the fabric’s lifespan.

Make sure that you give rugs that are placed in corridors and entrances a regular clean, as they will gather dust. Areas that are not used as frequently, like private offices and guest rooms can be cleaned once a month or as required.

#2. Interim Maintenance System Cleaning

This type of cleaning helps to improve the appearance of the rug or carpet. Interim maintenance system cleaning done at least every three months will help to postpone the need for deep cleaning.

The frequency will, however, eventually depend on the carpet’s location, it’s exposure to dirt, and soil as well as the carpet’s colors, type of the fabric, need for restoration and routine maintenance.

#3. Deep Cleaning

This type of cleaning serves to restore the carpet to its original condition. The process involves the use of commercial machines to extract the dirt and grime that has gathered in the carpet fibers.

How frequently you need to give your carpet a deep cleaning will depend on several things, including the type of fabric, its color, the location, as well as its exposure to dirt. So basically, the frequency depends on the condition of the carpet.

Types of Deep Cleaning

A few of the different methods that are used by professionals to thoroughly clean carpets and rugs include:

#1. Hot Water Extraction

This carpet cleaning method is referred to as “wet cleaning,” “steam cleaning,” or “warm water extraction.” Almost all carpet producers and manufacturers recommend it due to its effectiveness.

The reason it’s called steam cleaning is that water is sprayed with pressure on the carpet to clean all the dust and dirt from it. It should be noted that steam is not used to clean, but hot air will escape from the water. 

Here are the main steps, which are used in the hot water extraction process:

  • The carpet is vacuumed thoroughly with the help of professional machines.
  • The cleaners select a cleaning detergent that suits the carpet’s fabric and stains. If the material is delicate or has light colors, a mild detergent is added to warm water. Remember that it’s best to use a measuring cup or spoons to ensure that you make accurate measurements.
  • You must also pick a top-quality de-foaming product. Mix the product in a collection tank, not a solution tank.
  • A professional sprayer will spray the detergent mixture onto the carpet. After applying the mix, it should be left for a few minutes so that the fibers have time to absorb it. Don’t overdo it! You do not want to soak the fabric in the mixture. If needed, you can always spray the extra solution on a particularly resistant stain.
  • You’ll need a wand spray and a professional suction machine to get rid of the cleaning solution. Repeat this process twice to get rid of all the fluid.
  • If the carpet is still wet or damp, use a vacuum machine to get rid of the moisture.
  • Before returning it to the client, you’ll need to inspect the carpet thoroughly to make sure that there are no stains or dirt.

Pros: Listed below are some of the main advantages of the hot water extraction method for cleaning carpets.

  • It cleanses the carpet of all the dust and dirt particles that have gathered over the years. This is used because it cleans all the fibers in the rug, instead of just sticking to the surface.
  • When the carpet dries, there is no detergent or shampoo residue left, provided the clean is thorough and adequately done. This is because you only use a small amount of the cleaning solution, which means the chance that the detergent will damage the carpet is minimal.
  • You can use eco-friendly detergents, which are not only beneficial for the carpet’s fabric but also for the environment.

Hot water extraction is one of the most prevalent methods for cleaning carpets. Professionals use it regularly, but you must be careful and must monitor the temperature of the water. Failure to do so will very possibly damage the carpet’s fabric.

#2. Absorbent Pad Cleaning

Another popular way of cleaning a carpet is the absorbent pad cleaning; the process is referred to as “dry cleaning” or “bonnet cleaning.” This type of carpet cleaning requires a minimum amount of water.

Listed below are a few of the steps that are frequently used in the absorbent pad cleaning process:

  • A professional vacuum cleaner will give the carpet a deep clean and get rid of all the dust.
  • Once completed, the carpet is sprayed with a good quality pre-conditioner, and it is left to sit for 10- 20 minutes, depending on the kind of fabric that your carpet has. This step helps to loosen the grime that’s gathered between the fibers of the carpet.
  • Next, a detergent solution is applied to the carpet; the carpet fibers should be saturated in the liquid. Any extra detergent is used to get rid of aggressive stains. Additionally, a good quality solution is applied to the pad of the carpet, which helps to absorb cleaning solution or detergent. The application of this solution helps in a thorough clean of the carpet.
  • The carpet is attached to a rotary machine, which extracts the grime from the carpet. In the end, the carpet is clean and free of all the dirt and grime that it once housed.

Pros: There are numerous advantages to using the absorbent pad cleaning method. These include:

  • The fact that it can be used to clean big carpets.
  • It requires a minimal amount of labor.
  • The process is relatively inexpensive and straightforward. It’s also quicker than other methods.
  • It’s perfect for carpets that lack any significant, deep stains.

#3. Absorbent Compound

This sort of carpet cleaning is also called “dry cleaning.” It is because the absorbent compound method requires little to no water. 

The dry absorbent compound consists of a minimal amount of water, a cleaning solution, and a solvent. All of which is sprinkled on the carpet or added to the cleaning machine. 

This type of compound helps to give the carpet a thorough clean. It will also remove all the grime from between the fibers of the carpet.

Listed below are the steps that are used in this carpet cleaning method:

  • A suitable cleaning detergent is chosen. It doesn’t have to be a dry powder; it could merely be one of the many popular formulas readily available at your local supply store. Just make sure that they can be prepared with a solvent (i.e., laundry soap or water).
  • The carpet is vacuumed thoroughly, making sure that all the corners of the carpet are also adequately cleaned. This step helps to get rid of almost 80% of the dust absorbed in the fibers of the carpet.
  • The cleaning solution, or the powder, is sprinkled onto the carpet. It’s essential to read the instructions before applying the solution, ensuring that the fibers of the carpets absorb the chemicals. This will help to get rid of all the contaminants that are trapped in the carpet.
  • A soft-bristled broom, or brush, is used to spread the cleaning solution more in-depth into the fibers of the carpet. This allows the solution to loosen the dirt, which can be removed by vacuuming the carpet.

Pros: Listed below are some of the benefits to using the absorbent compound for cleaning carpets:

  • You do not need to use a lot of water. This helps to save money and time, as you do not need to put the carpet in a machine to dry it. This is the main reason most hotels, offices, and other commercial buildings use this method for getting their carpets cleaned.
  • The carpet can be used right after they are cleaned. You do not have to wait for hours before it can be reused, which is very beneficial for offices and hotels.
  • The cleaning compound that is used for absorbent compound cleaning is made from biodegradable ingredients such as maize and wood. These materials are converted into a sponge-like product, which helps to absorb the stains. It will also absorb residue and dirt from the fiber of the carpet. They are also easily removed with the help of a vacuum.

Black Tie Carpet Care, a carpet cleaning company in Conroe, TX, uses the two-step hot water extraction method to clean your carpet, which is the preferred method in the carpet industry.

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A properly cleaned and maintained carpet can improve your family’s health plus the appearance of your home, and compared to other home maintenance items is inexpensive.