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Five Spooky Hidden Things In Your Carpet

Do you believe dirt is the only thing that makes your beautiful carpet home? If you’re nodding, it’s high time to pay more attention to your valuable investment. Carpets are probably the most neglected surfaces that take every day’s stomping and stains. When left unattended for a long time, they become a home of several minute things that are potentially harmful to you and your family, including pets.

While most homeowners periodically vacuum their carpets to keep dust away, these traditional cleaning methods often fail to eliminate many hidden things that we have mentioned below. 



Do you know one out of every five Americans suffers from allergies? And, air pollution isn’t the only culprit to be blamed. Lots of people don’t know that un-cleaned carpets make ideal allergen storage units. These allergens not only trigger headaches and allergic reactions but also contribute to health conditions like breathing difficulties and asthma. 



People who steam clean their carpets believe they don’t have to worry about mold. If you, too, follow the same path, you must change your route now. Conventional steam cleaners, though do wonders when it comes to cleaning, they don’t eliminate mold. As a matter of fact, they promote mold growth by providing them enough moisture and humidity to flourish. 



Remember the smell of the new carpet? It’s from the chemical known as 4-PC, which is known to cause eye irritation and breathing difficulties. Carpet fibers hide plenty of harmful substances, including chemicals. Without your knowledge, they built up over time, ultimately making it difficult for you to remove them. The most common chemicals include toluene, formaldehyde, acetone, benzene, and styrene. 



Do you know your carpet could be as dirty as a toilet seat or even worse? The bottom of our shoes carries plenty of germs and bacteria. When you wear them in your house, you take them everywhere. Since carpet has microfiber, these bacteria attach themselves to it and flourish. Can you imagine how many harmful bacteria must be living and thriving on your un-cleaned carpets?


Dust mites

If you believe spiders are creepy, wait for dust mites to start crawling all over your living space. Probably one of the worst hidden enemies in your carpets is dust mites, which are known as pyroglyphidae. While some mites are not visible to naked eyes, others are easy to spot without special equipment. Besides being creepy, these mites promote allergic reactions and cause breathing problems like asthma. 


To keep your family and yourself safe from these enemies, wait no more to hire carpet cleaning professionals for deep cleaning. 

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